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K&N Filters and Air Intakes are engineered to generate twice the air flow to your engine as compared to the stock intake, which triggers a substantial enhancement in horsepower and torque. K&N features a special style, making use of a folded material in their air filters, K&N Filters support the removing far more dust and particulate matter that alternative air intake manufacturers are overlooking. The pleated layout provides more surface area, and thus more tiny air pathways to snare smaller impurities that can possibly damage your vehicle, let alone choke airflow and bring about a reduction in power. This also cuts down the number of times you will have to replace the filter for your new Air Intake System.

With their high flow and high performance air intake systems, air filters, and all air intake products, Advanced FLOW engineering, Inc. (aFe) has been pushing the boundaries of flow technology for several years. With specific purposes like hot rods, sport cars, and a complete array of import vehicles, aFe air filters and air intakes can be located for virtually any vehicle built.

AIRAID has established itself as one among the top producers in the air intake and cold air intake sector. AIRAID began several years back, and without delay transformed the manner in which air intakes are built. Boosting horsepower and performance more than any other product helped lead to AIRAID's early success with air intakes. With all that expertise, AIRAID has developed keystone intake systems and air filters that are considered by many to be the best aftermarket truck and SUV components for sale these days.

Volant does things in a different way than the remainder of the market. Their businees model makes them stand out from the crowd and permits them to generate the finest air intake systems. It's commonly known that not all Air Intake systems are manufactured from the same materials, and it is in this area that Volant surpass others. Volant has discovered the perfect components and developed a Cold Air Intake which boosts performance and horsepower. Volant Cold Air Intakes are much higher quality as a result of the new sizes and resources being utilized. With a bigger intake container, Volant found the the air flow is improved, which will also stop hot air from entering. This makes the motor happy and brings about an enhancement in horsepower.

BD Performance specializes in industrial and large format trucks which poses a different type of challenge in the way of optimizing air induction systems. BD performance has identified a method to productively employ Air Intakes on working and diesel trucks and continue to improve horsepower and to help sustain a more durable, cleaner engine. BD offers Torque Converters and clutches for high power trucks, and numerous other components. BD IS the pinacle in performance add-ons for Diesel Vehicles.

The engingeers at AEM have made it clear that they are developing their components to outperform thier competition and to transform the the manner in which air intakes are created by everyone. AEM spends a large portion of time performing analysis and development to see how their components fall into line versus various other top name air intake and cold air intake producers. AIRAID has no ideas of stopping thier work until they are believed to have produced the greatest Air intake system and grow to be the industry leader.

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A vehicle Air intake system is commonly regarded as as the engine'slungs. High-flow air intake systems help to maximize the rate and volume of cool, fresh air to your powerplant. The high-caliber performance of these significant engine components is evident from the copious amounts of torque, horsepower and fuel economy they generate. The air intake system flows smoothly on account of high performance filters and outstandingly tailored tubing that prevents air intake limitations.
K& N is a reputable producer of high quality, long lasting air filter solutions. There are currently K& N filters available for virtually every make and model of truck, SUV, muscle or passenger car, motorcycles and even ATVs. These ground-breaking components have earned the respect of professional car overhaulers everywhere due to the high quality, outstanding air and oil purification and the additional protection they provide.

Cold Air Intake & Air Intake Systems

Now is the time to improve your vehicle's performance by setting up the finest air intake system at the least expensive impact on your wallet. Here at Air Intake Direct, we have a collection of air intakes that will assist you with enhancing the performance of your vehicles' combustion system. Performance high-flow filters in these systems bring about larger quantities of cleaner air getting into the engine, keeping detrimental impurities out that would typically bring about costly internal engine repairs. Other features typical of quality air intake systems consist of superior fuel mileage, much less polluting of the environment and a smooth, choke-free ride.

Upgrading your air intake system wont be difficult when you shop with Air-Intakes-Direct. Other than choosing the perfect system from our wide variety of manufacturers, the rest will be easy as cake...er, a piece of pie...er, you know what we mean. All of these air intake kits and performance filters are the cornerstone of a clean, efficient and powerful engine. Air intake systems are environmentally friendly due to the fact that they effectively clean the air going into the engine which relates to cleaner emissions.

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Air-Intake-Direct is the most reliable source for high quality air intake systems. We offer the best lines of air intakes and cold air intake systems produced by the most noted manufacturers in the air intake industry. Every car, truck and SUV owner would consider our cold air intake and air intake systems as the best deals in the online market. Air-Intake-Direct helps to make auto upgrading and overhauling affordable and easy to achieve.

Here at Air-Intake-Direct, our main goal is to have anything and everything that you may be looking for that is related to an air induction system. This includes many things, such as, full intake and cold air intake systems, performance kits, air filters, exhausts, body spacers, cleaners, and plenty more items. We carry all the major air intake system manufactures to help keep consistency in your car. If you can't find what you are looking for, please give our customer service a call, as they are always happy to help.

Cool air is more dense than hot or warm air. Denser air provides more oxygen in any given volume inside the engine cylinder, allowing the engine to burn fuel more efficiently and generate more power. The cooler the air is, the more dense it is. A cold air intake decreases air intake temperature by 10ยบ F which in turn increases horsepower and torque. A cool air induction system does just that, pulling cooler air into the engine than the stock air intake box, resulting in an average gain of 5hp-11hp.

K&N Filters, one of the leading manufacturers of cold air intakes, believes in nothing less then a guarantee. They feel that upgraded to one of their performance kits, you will increase horsepower and torque. It does depend on the vehicle, the year, other modifications, and a number of other things on just how much more horsepower you will be getting, but it will happen. One great thing about K&N Filters, is the experience they have gained and the customers they have left satisfied. With over 15,000 air intakes being sold a year, they are always staying up with new vehicles and applications, and getting better with every one of them.

Volant has proven to be a well known and well rounded air intake company. With a full line of products, including one of the largest selections of Cold Air Intakes Volant is continuing to make a name for themselves. After making a name for themsevles and becoming one of the leaders in Air Intakes, Cold Air intakes, and Air Filters Volant has expanded their company to more products to help increase horsepower and air flow. For starters, Volant moved to Exhaust Systems. These Exhaust systems, along with a Volant Cold Air Intake will increase horsepower a great deal. Also, don't forget the top of the line Volant Scoop Snorkles. These are great volant add-ons, but don't forget the original Cold Air Intakes.

aFe Power has gained its success by competing with, and outperforming other air intakes. There are several major differences between aFe power and some of the other major Air Intake companies, such as, their progressively finer mesh media, the open rounded pleat design, and the pliable bump seal.

AIRAID air intakes, the manufacturer of the year in both 2006 and 2009 are said to "build it better" than anyone else. In 1997, Airaid began developing air intake systems and cold air intake systems for SUV's and Trucks, with a brand new cotton-gauze filter technology. This original Airaid product made for an extra easy install that increased air flow and improved performance. Since then, Airaid has only grown and is noted as one of the best aftermarket Truck and SUV manufacturers of the year, especially when just talking about Air Intakes.

Check out our huge selection of air intake accessories, cold air intakes and air intake systems by well-known brands like Volant, AEM, AFE Power, BD Diesel, KNFilters, and AirRaid.

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